Monday, August 31, 2015

Farewell Tiddlyinks

Four months have flown by and thus ends my term with the Tiddlyinks crew. 
It's been tough since I was on vacation for half of it, but it was a joy to be able to colour their images every chance I got. I feel like I got better at colouring as the months went on too, which was one of my goals! 

Here's my final DT card:

Hair was something I wanted to colour better and the inspiration from the other girls on the team helped me get a lot closer! 
(I used Foxer-upper Girl on Copic paper with Copic markers)

Thanks for having me Christy, and crew! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lighthouse Card

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting some relatives during our EPIC ROAD TRIP 2015 (said in my best echoey announcer voice) and we stayed in our new family's home. The hostess had a different theme for every room and her bedroom's theme was lighthouses and I thought, "I can work with this!" 

Isn't this perfect?! I knew I had to gather up some nautical twine and I started with The Twinery's new Firecraker Twine and went from there: 

To beef up the Firecracker twine I added Maraschino and Midnight Blue on either side. 

(And of course the hostess had the perfect prop for my photo!)

The stamp is Tiddly Ink's Light My Life

Thursday, August 6, 2015

PCL Feature!

I was asked by the lovely team at Paper Crafters Library to make a project for their blog and today is the big day! 
I shot a video tutorial you can check it out here:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pawsitively Awesome!

Hello there, friends! As you may have noticed my posting has been sparse, and for good reason: I am on another epic road trip!!!

This trip has been especially exciting because my son has just met his biological father for the first time. His "dad" and I were very close once (obviously) but because he lives in SF Bay area and I live in Canada/China, we just never saw each other. It has gone so much better than I could have ever hoped and they are getting along so well. I hope we can visit again soon.. We are currently in the Bay area and will soon be travelling north up the Oregon coast. I am so excited!!

Anyway... If you've ever tried to craft on the road, it's harder than it seems. I have a bunch of my stuff with me, but still - I AM TIRED!!! In fact, I went to the ER today because of high blood pressure and disgusting swelling in my ankles. Thank goodness I got some pills and am feeling better, but travelling is HARD!

So needless to say, I haven't done all of the crafting I set out to do, but I've made some things, lol...
Take a look at this card I made for this week's Tiddy Inks Challenge:

I only brought 50 Copic markers with me so my colours are somewhat limited, but I really love this image so it was fun. I want all of my colours to bump it up a notch, but really, she's a cutie regardless!!

I've got a couple more projects up my sleeve so I will see you again soon!